Collection: 35mm Film Cameras

We have sourced original film cameras from the world's leading manufacturers and personally tested all of them. Capture your photos on vintage film cameras that develop into amazing photos, every time. See our film camera guides to help you choose the camera that is right for you.

Retro Film Cameras

At The Film Camera Co, we have sourced film cameras with every type of photographer in mind. We have advanced film cameras with more manual settings for experienced film enthusiasts. We also have point and shoot film cameras which are automatic and simple to use for beginner photographers looking to dip their toe into the film trend. What all of our 35mm film cameras have in common, is that they are perfect for photographers looking for the raw, authentic look of analog photography.

Film cameras for beginners

Usually our customers have started off with disposable film cameras, but quickly realised that buying a whole new camera each time you finish a film roll is extremely expensive. Our film cameras are reusable, meaning you just replace the film roll each time you run out, or fancy a change.

Quality film cameras are not generally manufactured anymore. Instagram brands selling reloadable cameras offer a cheaper alternative but will leave you compensating on quality. Our film cameras are from world leading brands such as Olympus, Canon and Pentax! We have also included example photos from each camera in our product listings to show you what your photos could look like.

The Film Camera Co Difference

The Film Camera Co team started as customers. We were sick of buying film cameras that broke a couple of weeks later, so we decided to change the game. We source fully working film cameras from suppliers around the world, who are all film camera professionals. We then test the cameras ourselves and once we are happy, we make them available for you. 

We're here to help you find the perfect film camera. We have written film camera guides to help you get around all the basics of film photography. If you have a more specific question, find us on email or Instagram!