How To Load Film Into Your 35mm Camera

How To Load Film Into Your 35mm Camera

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How to load 35mm film into your camera

1. Open the back of your camera.

Holding your film camera, look to the sides, or the bottom of the camera body for a small switch which will open the back of the camera.

2. Place your film roll into your cameras cradle

Your film roll will have a hole at the bottom which fits over a receiver in your camera's film compartment. Your film will usually pull left to right. Take time to understand where your film receiver is and which way it pulls before you move to the next step.

3. Pull the end of the film into your cameras spool

Simpler than it sounds. Pull the small end of film that is already sticking out of your camera roll a little bit further out, until it starts to wrap back around the feeder roll at the end.

If in doubt, pull less to start with and see if your camera clicks. It's easier to go back and pull more out than push it back in (but not impossible).

4. Close your camera and check if the film has taken

Once you close your camera, you'll hear a whirring noise and your digital display should go from E or 0 to 1. Success!

5. Troubleshooting

If your camera didn't take the roll of film, it's likely you need to tweak step 3. Pull a little more film out, or push a little back in and close again until your camera recognises the film roll.

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