Canon Sure Shot Autoboy AF35M II Review

Canon Sure Shot Autoboy AF35M II Review

The Canon Sure Shot AF35M II (also known as the Canon Sure Shot Autoboy) is a 35mm film camera launched in the 1980s. It’s compact and easy to use, we really enjoyed testing it out. We spent some time taking photos with the Sure Shot AF35M II, and trying out the different settings. Overall, we're impressed!

Design and Build Quality

To start with, the Canon Sure Shot AF35M II just looks cool. It has a minimalist almost retro design, with accents of red that almost make it look like it stepped right out of a classic movie. 

Aside from looks, the Sure Shot Autoboy has a lightweight plastic body that feels sturdy and durable. The camera's design opens out into a textured grip on the right side that provides a comfortable and secure hold.

Lens and Image Quality

The Canon Sure Shot AF35M II has a fixed 38mm f/2.8 lens. This means it produces good quality images with a nice sharp contrast. The camera also has a built-in flash, which can be adjusted to provide a fill light in bright daylight, or help you take good photos in low light conditions.

We tested in a few different light settings, and were really impressed with how this camera handled both low and bright light. This could be down to the built in metering system which is designed to produce well-exposed images in most situations.

Here are some example shots taken with the Canon Sure Shot AF35M II:

Yellow House Photo 35mm Film

Two Girls Smiling In A Dark Bar 35mm Film Photo

Man On The Floor Stroking Dog In Bed 35mm Film Photo

Shooting Modes and Autofocus

When we were testing the Canon, we found the camera's autofocus system to be pretty reliable, with only one blurry shot coming out of a whole roll. An autofocus system makes it easy to capture sharp images in most situations, a big win if you’re new to 35mm film.

Another big bonus of this camera is the variety of shooting modes, including portrait, landscape, night time making it a great all rounder. 

Ease of Use

The Canon Sure Shot AF35M II is up there with one of the easiest cameras to use for beginners. It has automatic exposure settings and autofocus, which means you can worry less about whether you have the right settings and more about just getting a great frame. 

It doesn’t stop there though, the Sure Shot AF35M II also has a self-timer and multiple exposure settings, which are really fun for group settings.

Loading and unloading film is very straightforward, with an automatic film advance and rewind system, so you don’t have to worry about winding back the roll of film yourself, or ruining any of your photos by accidentally exposing them to light. If you’re a bit more experienced you can also use the manual film advance and rewind option, which allows you to take multiple exposures on the same frame, which makes for some really cool photos.

Price and Value

We’re happy to say the point for this camera is fairly reasonable. Although small, the Canon Sure Shot AF35M II has some pretty cool features, and is so easy to use, so it’s not going to be the cheapest option out there, but after testing this beauty out we can safely say it’s worth every dollar. 

Its compact size, fixed lens, and user-friendly design make it a good value choice for anyone looking for a reliable point-and-shoot film camera.


The Canon Sure Shot AF35M II is a great 35mm film camera, but there isn't much manual control over settings like aperture, shutter speed, or focus, which can be limiting for more advanced photographers.

Secondly, the lens is fixed at 38mm, which means that the user cannot swap out lenses for different effects or perspectives, and it may not be ideal for some shooting situations. Although no issue for anyone looking for an all round point and shoot camera, for photographers who want greater creative control over their shots or need more flexibility with their lens choice this is something to bear in mind.

The Film Camera Co overall review of the Canon Sure Shot AF35M II

In conclusion, the Canon Sure Shot AF35M II is a classic and user-friendly 35mm film camera that offers good image quality and ease of use. Its compact size, fixed lens, and variety of shooting modes make it a great option for casual photographers or anyone looking for a simple backup camera. If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use film camera with good image quality, the Canon Sure Shot AF35M II is definitely worth considering.

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